I love getting in the kitchen to create new recipes and photographing my creations. It’s been a long-time passion mine and I’m finally glad to have found Carrotsticks and Cravings to share my love for food with everyone! I love collaborating and working with like-minded people who share a love of good, healthy food. Please send me an email to info@carrotsticksandcravings.com if you are keen on collaborating with me or for all general and advertising enquiries. Click on the links below to view my works with the wonderful companies I have collaborated with! 🙂

Food Styling & Photography

All the images found on the blog and in all 3 of my cookbooks are completely styled and photographed by me! I have also worked with several companies (The Meat Club, Little Farms, Sasha’s Fine Foods, The Alaska Guys, The Whole Kitchen, Bowerbird, Everyday Style SG, Punch DetoxNZ Fulvic, My Maha, Agora Products, Foodsterr, etc) to style and snap amazing and delicious pictures of their products. 


Recipe Development

Besides food styling and photography, I develop my own unique recipes that can not only be found here or my cookbooks, but also on The Meat Club blog, Little Farms and Health and Vitality Deliciously Healthy Workshops.


Brand Ambassador

I’m currently a brand ambassador for The Meat Club and Health and Vitality.