Avocado & Apple Bites


Apple and avocado is possibly my favourite combination of all time! I first had it in a restaurant in Nice. We had just found out we were pregnant while travelling through France so were on an all time high and had the most amazing meal at the Oliviera restaurant in Nice (this is also where we decided on our daughter Olivia’s name!).

We had a avocado and apple starter which was literally just freshly sliced apple with mashed avocado, lemon and oil on top. The sweet fresh crunch from the apple and the soft creamy avocado go perfectly together.

Im forever putting apple and avocado in salads now and today decided to try something new and make little avocado and apple bites – they were amazing and eaten up straight away!

What you’ll need (for 6 bites)

1 pink lady apple
1 avocado
6 leaves of coriander
Squeeze of half a lemon
Salt and pepper
Sprinkle of paprika
1 tsp good quality olive oil or avocado oil

How to

– Core the apple and cut into thin slices, squeeze some of the lemon juice over the apple so it doesnt brown
– In a bowl mash the avocado, oil, salt, pepper, chopped coriander, paprika and lemon juice and mix together
– Serve avocado mash on top of the apple and enjoy!


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  1. Rebecca

    Love this idea, I usually have a bowl of mashed avocado at the dinner table and we have a platter of fresh fruit and veggies to dip into it – but I think I will serve it up like this tomorrow for the kids and see how we go.

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