This christmas I decided to put together little food gifts for friends and family and this dukkah was one of them.

We use a lot of dukkah in our house, we use it as a dip for turkish bread with some quality olive oil, on eggs, on baked salmon, chicken, as a crust on lamb, in salads and in dips such as hummus or eggplant dip.

We use dukkah almost daily in our house, It is a great extra source of protein and can make an ordinary meal into a great meal filled with flavour. It is very healthy, yummy and surprisingly easy to make. I decorated some little jars and made my own labels and they make perfect gifts.

What you’ll need

1 cup of raw nuts (I use a mixture of hazelnuts and almonds)
3/4 cup sesame seeds (I use a mixture of black and white)
1/3 cup coriander seeds
1/4 cup cumin seeds
1 tsp cracked pepper
1 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp flaked sea salt

How to

– In a dry fry pan (with no oil) add nuts over medium heat and stir until they brown and start to have a roasted smell
– Turn off heat and add sesame seeds to the fry pan and keep stirring
– Once cooled add sesame seed and nut mix to a food processor or powerful blender and mix until nuts are finely crushed (not too fine that they powder though)
– Put nuts in a bowl and set aside
– Add cumin seeds and coriander seeds to the same dry pan and toast for around 2 minutes over medium heat
– Allow to cool and then blend in the food processor or blender until the seeds are mostly ground and powdered
-Add 3/4 of the seeds mix to the nut mix with sea salt and pepper and the dried thyme and stir through
– Taste as you go and add extra salt and remainder of seed mixture if necessary (I like mine quite salty so make sure your using good quality sea salt or pink rock salt)
– This will keep in an air tight jar for up to three months but i’m sure will be used sooner than that, we literally use it almost daily!


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