Grilled Pineapple Salsa

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While trying to get organized in the kitchen the other day I rediscovered lots of half written brilliant recipes that I’ve made over the last year, yes I haven’t cleaned out my recipe filing in over a year – terrible I know! This recipe was scribbled on the back of a phone bill (as all good recipes should be written!) So I decided to make it again and re write the recipe properly for you all.

I really am someone who cooks by look and feel and tastes as I go so you can imagine how hard its been for me to put all my recipes together for my book, testing them over and over again to make sure everyone can make them for themselves. But I will say, most of the good ones all start written on the back of a phone bill or post it note when I’m feeling inspired as I cook and write it down.

I’ve always been a bit Mexican food obsessed – I mean who isn’t! This salsa is fresh and colourful and is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy, just delicious to use as a dip with corn chips or wrapped in tortillas with my lime chicken or some salmon.

I made half a spicy batch for my husband and I because if you haven’t noticed we love our chilli and only added half the chilli to the other half and the kids absolutely loved it in a wrap with chicken and cheese.

What you’ll need

½ fresh pineapple, skin removed and cut into 1 cm slices
1 corn cob
1 red bell pepper
½ red onion
2 red chillies (or fresh jalapenos if you can buy them)
1 birdseye chilli
1-2tbsp avocado oil
3 tbsp chopped coriander
Juice of ½ lemon
Sea salt and cracked pepper

How to

– Cut corn cob in half and add to large bowl with sliced rounds of pineapple, whole bell pepper, whole chillies and 1 inch pieces of red onion
– Mix through avocado oil so all veggies are lightly covered
– In a very hot grill pan or over a BBQ grill add pineapple slices and corn
– Turn pineapple once cooked and dark grill marks appear, turn corn as it starts to cook also
– Remove pineapple once cooked and add red bell pepper, chillies and onion
– Keep turning all veggies until all sides are browned but not burnt
– Once cooked turn off heat and remove corn. Cover the bell pepper, chillies and onion to soften more
– Remove corn kernals from the cob into a bowl with pineapple cut into small 1cm pieces (discarding core)
– Remove stem and seeds from bell pepper and chillies
– Cut Bell pepper into 1cm pieces and add to salsa
– Finely dice chillies and mix through salsa with chopped coriander, lemon juice and salt and pepper
– Serve hot or cold and enjoy!

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