Summer Fruit Salad

Whip up this colourful Summer Fruit Salad in just a few easy steps! Hydrating and tangy, this citrus fruit salad is perfect for mornings and full of antioxidants and Vitamin C to boost your immunity system.
Want to make this fruit salad? Watch the full recipe or shop the ingredients here.
  1. 1 red grapefruit
  2. 2 oranges
  3. ½ cup strawberries
  4. ½ cup blueberries
  5. ½ cup pomegranate
  6. ½ cup raspberries
  7. Greek yoghurt
  8. Sprinkle chia seeds
  9. Raw honey
  1. Slice fruits and arrange on a platter.
  2. Serve with yoghurt, chia seeds and a drizzle of honey.
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